Earlier today Chapter 2 The Golden Goal of Challenge Mission: South Africa in Mafia Wars opened. Just like in Chapter 1 You’ve Got Blackmail, you need to complete four jobs in this one. These are:

Turn Out the Lights in Durban
Pick Up the Bullion
Ship the Gold Out
Bribe the Refs with the Proceeds

You’ll need lots of Counterfeit Tickets to complete Chapter 2: Golden Goal of the Challenge Mission South Africa. Just like the previous missions, you should stop doing jobs in the city once the job heat meter goes red to conserve your Counterfeit Tickets.

Speaking of Counterfeit Tickets, you can get bonus tickets when you add three more mafia members during this period. Each additional crew member will earn you 30 Counterfeit Tickets. That will be a big help for your quest to complete Chapter 2.

Once you’ve completed Chapter 2: Golden Goal, you’ll receive The Tiebreak, a weapon with 76 Attack 42 Defense. Now that’s something worth aiming for. You got plenty of time to complete this chapter with Chapter 3 unlocking in 3 days. Although be warned because a special Las Vegas is coming this Saturday.