Now here’s something good from Zynga. They are extending the Fourth of July Events in Frontierville. These means you still have 5 days to complete the Independence Day Goals and find the items for the Independence Day Collection.

You have 5 days to tend your neighbors’ oaks and pines to find that elusive Powder Horn. Hopefully Zynga makes it easier for players to find the Powder Horn and the Tricorne Hat as well. That would really make this year’s Fourth of July memorable.

Players can also complete the four Independence Day goals if they haven’t done them yet. Five days is enough to hunt for the Prairie Pile you need for the Manure collection to get the Saltpeter required for creating Fireworks.

If you want to see the announcement with your own eyes, then click on the firework icon at the bottom of the game screen. This is a good sign that Zynga listens to their players but hopefully they also made it easier for us players to acquire the ultra-rare Liberty Bell.

Have you completed the Independence Day Collection? What item is missing from your set?