Mafia Wars Las Vegas Early VIP Access

Mafia Wars Las Vegas Early VIP Access

Looks like Mafia Wars players will be going to Las Vegas sooner than expected. Today players can try to get early VIP pass to the new city.

You can do so by travelling to Las Vegas. Although the city is still unplayable, you can try to get early VIP access as long as you have Racks of Chips. IF you’ve been reading our website, you’ll know by now that the chips are going to be traded for Vegas cash when the city goes live.

But today the more Racks of Chips you have, the better your chance of getting an early VIP access to Las Vegas. If you have less than 10 Racks of Chips, you’ll have one percent chance to get it. 10 to 24 Racks of Chips give you a five percent chance. 25 to 49 Racks of Chips gives you ten percent chance. 50 Racks of Chips and more give you a twenty percent chance of getting early VIP access.

Take note that trying your luck will not consume the chips. Plus if you are unlucky, you can try your luck again after 22 hours.

Have you acquired an early VIP access yet? How many Racks of Chips do you have?


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I had only 18 rack of chips :D
got access^^

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I only had 11 and got access.

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I had 1….2nd try n got Access…Heights of Luck..

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I have 82 chips and have been trying everyday to get in, its now 17th July and I just tried and failed once more. Hope I can get in tomorrow :)