FishVille seems to be sinking at the moment, but there are still some people loving to play the game – myself included – and fortunately Zynga seems to care about us. Therefore, there’s a new feature introduced in the game, the Discovery Log and in this article we’ll talk about it to see why is it so cool – and how can we take advantage of it.

So.. what is the discovery log? Basically, it is an extended trophy system that has been polished enough to make it seem just a bit more than it is. You will have to collect fish and items and earn more points than your friends, to become the best virtual aquarium owner in the game (or simply play for fun).

Every time you purchase a fish or decoration from the Fish & Treasures Discovery Log, that spot is “filled” and you earn some points. When you complete a collection, you get special rewards and can start it all over again. Which seems to be enough fun without being at all difficult.

Also, it appears that Zynga has even more planned for us – as the Resources category still has a “Coming soon” stamped on it, so we can finally say that FishVille got some extra flavor.

What do you think about the new Discovery Log feature in FishVille?