As part of Frontierville’s Fourth of July celebration, Zynga introduced a new collection in the game. The Independence Day Collection consists of five items you can get from doing various actions in Frontierville.

The five items are:

Tricorne Hat – found from buildings (either collecting bonus or building).
Cannonball – acquired by tending chickens.
Snare Drum – clobber snakes, bears, foxes and groundhogs to get this item.
Powder Horn – prepare to tend lots of your neighbor’s oak and pine trees for this item.
Tea Crate – acquired from tending grass.

Among the five, the Tricorne Hat and the Powder Horn are the hardest ones to find. With the Tricorne Hat, The chance of getting one depends on the number of building you own. Plus, you can collect the bonus from the buildings once per day. As for the Powder Horn, be sure to only tend your neighbors’ grown oak or pine trees.

Once you’ve luckily completed the Independence Day Collection, turn it in to get a Liberty Bell. The bell acts like a dinner bell and will summon your family members when you click on it.

Have you already completed your Independence Day Collection? What do you think of the Liberty Bell? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below.