Looks like Las Vegas is about to unlock in Mafia Wars. There were a few hints over the past week that we will be going to Vegas soon. There’s no clearer sign that its launch is near than the new Free Gift Item, Rack of Chips.

Mafia Players know that everyone starts from scratch when going to a new city in the game. Each Mafia Wars City has its own monetary unit. Zynga is giving players a head start by placing Rack of Chips as a Free Gift item. Now players can give their mafia members a Rack of Chips each day.

The more Rack of Chips you receive, the more cash you’ll have once Las Vegas goes live. If you get lots of Racks of Chips, you also have the chance to get into Las Vegas beta. The Racks of Chips will be traded in for Las Vegas cash.

It case you still haven’t gotten the drift, the Rack of Chips is available to be gifted to your mafia members via the Free Gift Page. Be aware that you can only receive ten Racks of Chips each day. Better start sending and collecting today.