Challenge Mission: Mumbai is a limited time special event in Mafia Wars. Just like the previous Challenge Missions, you need a special item to do the jobs. In Mumbai, you’ll need to collect Bollywood Film Reels to master all the jobs to Make a Killing at the Box Office.

You can get Bollywood Film Reels through gifting and doing jobs. You can also buy Bollywood Film Reels in the Marketplace at 10 RP for 28 pieces. But in order to qualify for Challenge Mission: Mumbai you need to add another mafia member or you can buy ten hired guns for 9 RP.

You also need to add additional mafia members to get more Bollywood Film Reels daily. As each Chapter unlocks, you get two additional slots for your crew in Mumbai. You’ll receive a one-time bonus for each mafia member that joins you during the duration of the special event for a maximum of seven.

Do you have enough Bollywood Film Reels to complete Chapter 1: Hooray for Bollywood of the Challenge Mission: Mumbai?