Mumbai is the fourth Challenge Mission in Mafia Wars. It has three chapters with four jobs each. You have to master each job before you can advance to the next chapter.

Chapter 1: Hooray for Bollywood is now live and you have eight days to complete it before Chapter 2 unlocks. That’s enough time to master the four jobs in this chapter. Below are the four jobs:

  • Steal a Bollywood Script
  • Re-Write the Film’s Villain
  • Get the Script Greenlit
  • Put Out a Casting Call

Just like in the previous Challenge Missions, you should keep an eye on your Job Heat Meter. The more jobs you complete, the higher the meter increases. The Energy and Bollywood Film Reel requirements increase as well. The meter turns orange after doing six jobs, and it will turn turn after doing six more jobs. The meter resets every eight hours.

Once you mastered all four jobs in Chapter 1: Hooray for Bollywood, you’ll receive the Bambaiyya Rajah (Attack 60 Defense 55). That’s a nice additional to your Vehicles.

Do you have enough Bollywood Film Reels to complete Chapter 1 of Challenge Mission: Mumbai?