left-for-dead2-coverLeft 4 Dead fans are, apparently, still upset with Valve for announcing L4D2 so quickly, and the developers want to do their best to win back their fans. Therefore, various reports suggest that Left 4 Dead 2 will get a special offer and will be a bit cheaper than initially announced. A pretty cool way to say sorry once again!

According to GameHeadz, GameStop just got word from Valve that anybody who pre-orders the game will receive a special, exclusive in-game item (a baseball bat), plus the chance to play the demo of Left 4 Dead 2 two weeks prior to its launch. Also, the “kind of a price drop” mentioned in the title is true: when you pick up your copy, you’ll receive five dollars back. Nice way of doing business, thanks for the loan!

Still, there are even more options to get a special deal with Left 4 Dead 2. For example, Amazon.com is listing another special offer for those who preorder Left4Dead 2: 10% off the original price which is… you’ve guessed it – $5 off the price. Even more, the website promises that if somehow the price drops lower than the one you’re paying now, you’ll receive that extra sum back. So… does this beat GameStop’s offer? It’s up for you to decide – it is obvious, however, that the in-game baseball bat and the chance to play the demo 2 weeks earlier are not some things to say “No” to very easily!