They’re charming, they’re nice and most of all, they’re deadly. The female champions of League of Legends are now, more than ever, conquering the hearts of summoners all over the world, especially at a competitive level. At least that’s what statistics from last month say. More than half of the most played champions in the last weeks were females but that’s no surprise. Ladies have been proving themselves in all lanes and in every role during the past few years and now, with the beginning of a new Season, they’re definitely ready to dominate and show off who’s in command. Meet the power divas:

Top Lane & Jungle: The Fearless Warriors

EliseElise, The Spider Queen

Half spider, half human this elegant lady is extremely dangerous. Even though she’s able to fit nearly every role, she’s mostly used in top and jungle. Her multiple disables, high damage and dodge abilities turn her into a perfect assassin. The Spider Queen is extremely versatile and hasty, which allows players to fully customize their gameplay while using this champion.

Europe West: Around 160k Games     North America: Around 150k Games

RivenRiven, the Exile

Riven got nerfed not long ago and since then, she became less popular. Nevertheless, she’s still pretty capable of summoning chaos into any lane. Riven is mostly known for her assassination skills, she’s not a great tank but if she’s able to land her combos correctly, she can kill basically anyone in a blink of an eye.

Europe West: Around 140k Games     North America: Around 120k Games

ViVi, the Piltover Enforcer

Vi used to be a very bad girl. Now, she sues her criminal techniques to serve Piltover’s police force. That’s right she’s a police officer and a very destructive one. Vi’s capable of performing outstanding ganks due to her extreme mobility, disables, slows and damage. She basically has everything needed to be a deadly warrior – no wonder she’s one of the most popular champions at the moment.

Europe West: Around 230k Games     North America: Around 215k Games


Middle Lane: Magic is Power

KayleKayle, the Judicator

Kayle is a single target champion but her burst capability and her invincible ultimate can be decisive in battle. Being able to melt the enemy’s ADC or casting her ultimate in a target being focused by many enemies can make the difference between winning and losing a team fight or even the game itself. Kayle is the most popular middle-laner female champion at the moment.

Europe West: Around 120k Games     North America: Around 130k Games

LuxLux, the Lady of Luminosity

Lux has always been famous. In fact, she has been used by millions of summoners over the past years. The secret of being one of the most popular champions is in her versatility and mixed role. She’s mainly a mage but she can also be a deadly support. Lux players can normally kill and save allies without much effort.

Europe West: Around 110k Games     North America: Around 90k Games

KatarinaKatarina, the Sinister Blade

The cover girl is back on her glory days. In the past season, Katarina was barely used by summoners but now, she is used as a hard counter for many AP champions. With her tremendous mobility and input burst, she’s able to strike and annihilate a whole enemy team. Scary, right? That’s the power of AOE damage and of course, that’s the power of Katarina.

Europe West: Around 90k Games     North America: Around 100k Games


AD Carry (Bottom): Snipers Everyday

CaitlynCaitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover

This female Sheriff is a true sniper, she’s able to shoot from great distances with her riffle. But that’s not what makes Caitlyn one of the most popular AD carries right now. Her damage bonus passive is destructive in late game, since attack speed triggers it quicker. Her traps and escape net can be quite useful to stay alive too and well, her ultimate is a kill assurance, if there’s no one nearby to cover the hit.

Europe West: Around 300k Games     North America: Around 260k Games

JinxJinx, the Loose Cannon

Jinx is an expert at summoning chaos wherever she goes, which is normally located at the bottom lane. Jinx is currently the most popular ADC female champion simply because she’s unique and lethal – she has a stun, a slow and tons of damage. And as if all that wasn’t enough, she has a rocket as her ultimate too. She has everything needed to be the ultimate ADC.

Europe West: Around 320k Games     North America: Around 310k Games

VayneVayne, the Night Hunter

Vayne is a champion that truly rules in late game and that’s why she’s one of the most played female champions. She might not be the best at an early phase but she’s a guarantee for massive destruction once your game has reached a later period. She has armor penetration, invisibility, tumble, a stun and damage bonus.

Europe West: Around 120k Games     North America: Around 140k Games


Support (Bottom): Killing Them Softly

AnnieAnnie, the Dark Child

Who would tell that Anie, a former mage, would become one of the most played supports ever? Well, probably no one. However, Anie is an excellent offensive support champion. With her sequential stuns and incredible damage, she’s able to melt an enemy carry by herself. Now, that’s something scary. It’s the rising of offensive supports, they’re not supposed to stay back and watch anymore, they can step up and do the killing too.

Europe West: Around 190k Games     North America: Around 200k Games

LeonaLeona, the Radiant Dawn

The biggest surprise of this season is surely Leona, the most popular character for several months now. This supportive tank relies on the power of the sun to disable her enemies. Even though she’s not able to shield or heal her allies, she is able of dealing great amounts of damage, cast consecutive disables and boost her own defenses. She’s a really bother for enemy carries, since she can easily endanger their lives.

Europe West: Around 410k Games     North America: Around 330k Games

SonaSona, Maven of the Strings

The Maven of the Strings never gets old. Sona is one of the few support female characters that has been able to make her presence stable in all seasons. That’s mostly because she conjures defensive powers with offensive ones – she has a decent damage input, great healing, speed, slow and stun. Apart from being a weak tank, she’s an excellent mage-support.

Europe West: Around 90k Games     North America: Around 80k Games