lbp-retroSony and Media Molecule have decided to surprise us all and deliver patch 1.08 for LittleBigPlanet sooner than anticipated, but I doubt anybody will have any complaints on the matter. Especially because the patch, also known as Edam patch, fixes quite some bugs in the game. Here are some of the improvements brought by it:

– Failed to save profile’ message not being displayed when a users profile is full.
– Object Capture Bug: switch connectors being deleted when an object is captured.
– Failed to load profile issue :where the user is thrown out to the XMB due to a texture that is not registered in their profile being present in their pod.
– Text not displaying in the text chat window.
– Slow rewind due to moderation check.
– Save file corruption which caused the game to crash when placing any object in an emitter in any level.

However, according to website QJ, this might be just a small bugfix patch, related to the upcoming GoW costume pack and not the “big” package LBP fans are expecting. But we’ll see when the full changelog is released and things regarding this surprise Patch 1.08 will be clear. We’ll keep you updated.