Having problems with Lazy Kitchen Escape? There’s no need to despair, I have a walkthrough for the game for you below, a step by step guide telling you what to do and where to click to get the right items and escape the kitchen. So read on to find out how to beat Lazy Kitchen Escape and have fun!

Full Lazy Kitchen Escape walkthrough:

1. Click the clock to the left edge of the screen and get the second hand (you’ll have to click it until you get it).
2. Go back and click the upper right side of the ceiling (righ under your inventory bar) and notice a small triangle in the space where the wall, ceiling, white and brown beams meet. Get it.
3. Go back and click the top of the vent hood. Get the star.
4. Go back and click the right corner of the cabinet to the left of the vent and click on the rounded top of the lighter (or whatever that thing over the cabinet is). You’ll get a half of a circle.
5. Click right under the metal door to the very right of the screen and get the other part of the star and go back.
6. Go left and click the right light on the wall. Notice on the wall, to the extreme right, a gray square. Get it.
7. Go back and click the coffee cups and get the new piece of circle on the right cup of coffee.
8. Go back and click the red cabinet doors and get the other triangle from the left door handle.
9. Go back and left and click the top of the fridge. Place the shapes where they belong and click the orange bar. Well done – you didn’t escape the kitchen, but you’ve found a lot of food!

Any questions related to the Lazy Kitchen Escape walkthrough above? Use the comment section below to ask them!