lataleThe 2D side-scrolling MMO La Tale will be welcoming a new world to its servers later today as OGPlanet released the Mecha Empire expansion, a highly anticipated expansion that will introduce some darker and grittier zones in the otherwise happy and colorful settings in La Tale.

The Mecha Empire is a steampunk world with challenges and rewards for players of all levels. Divided in six distinct areas, The City of Iron, The Big Apple, Scrap Valley Entrance, Scrap Valley Exit, The Factory and The City of Iron Class Change Cente, La Tale’s Mecha Empire offers a distinct approach to the MMO.

“With the launch of Mecha Empire, we’re introducing an entirely new atmosphere in La Tale,” said Ross Park, producer of La Tale. “The new zones are darker and grittier, standing in sharp contrast to the cheerful, lighthearted feel of most of the game’s other areas. Mecha Empire adds new depth to the La Tale universe.”

Two new job classes will be introduced with this expansion: Engineers and Meisters, but I’m sure you’ll love to find out for yourself what these new classes are capable of. In order to do so, simply download the expansion and keep playing!