golemizer-overview-imagebigGolemizer, a free to play MMORPG developed by a single person, is an impressive steampunk online game that focuses a lot on player-generated content. Featured on important social websites like Facebook, Golemizer keeps improving in order to offer its players more and more content and possible things to do while playing (like the just-launched clothes crafting system).

Golemizer, which requires no client downloads and no additional plug-ins, delivers lots of content to its players. And, strangely, most of the content is generated by the players themselves! Therefore, we have the chance to create golems, the main attraction of the game, the creatures that keep living even when players are not online. Apart from them, players are allowed to create houses and even cities, clothes and dungeons.

On the other hand, Golemizer is a more casual type of MMO, with no classes and skills progressing based on character’s age instead of experience. However, since the focus is on the creation of content and socialization between players, this independently developed MMORPG is not a title to avoid. Especially since it is completely free to play.

Now, check out a Golemizer overview video to see just a bit of the things you can do while playing Machine 22’s title: