kongregate-logoOne of the biggest Flash gaming portals in the world, Kongregate today released Kongregate Collabs, a community-based system that will certainly have as a result an improved quality of future flash games, meaning that both the gamers and the developers will benefit from this great initiative.

Kongregate Collabs, which can be found here, is a place where game developers, artists and musicians can connect easier than ever and start their own new projects. Also, it is anticipated that even gamers that have skills in music creation and art will have an increased importance in the creation of the next flash games of day.

“Kongregate Collabs will be a great place for indie developers to meet and collaborate with artists and musicians in an environment specifically designed for self-expression and the creation of great games to be shared with millions of Kongregate players,” explained Kongregate’s co-founder Jim Greer.

Also, in order to promote Kongregate Collabs, the website has teamed up with Scion to offer prize money to the creators of the five top-rated submissions in both the art & sound categories, plus two grand prizes of a home media studio valued at nearly $5000!