Two months ago, high profile companies Koei and Tecmo formed a joint committee to work out a merger plan, and things went smoothly, since the announcement has been made: starting the 1st of April 2009, the two companies will become one and hopefully it will be gamers who will benefit the most from this deal.

Tecmo, known mostly for its Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive games, had also drawn interest from Square Enix who made an offer of $206 million, but the developers revealed other plans, having already entered talks with Koei.

Game developer and publisher Koei (Dynasty Warriors, Romance of the Three Kingdoms) paid $207 million for the deal, but an operating profit of $166.2 million is expected by the end of 2012. This should not be a huge problem, since this year the two companies shared an operating profit of $88 million, according to a Reuters report.

There was no announcement made regarding new game projects or dropping already existing ones – and we’re unlikely to hear some solid, exact news until April, when the merger becomes official. But we do hope for the best.