We’ve got a few very cool videos ready for today’s Video Watch here at Unigamesity. So, if you are ready to be amazed by a must play user-made map for Left 4 Dead, put under the spell of dancing, cuteness and flirting with 5th Street and giggle for a while looking at “Cooking Daddy” Jamie Oliver and his DS game, read on and press the play button!

As I said, we’re starting with a Left 4 Dead great map that really managed to impress me a lot since it’s not only cool, but it also makes a lot of sense and, for true horror fans, it will be a must play. I’m talking about darthbrush’s work of “updating a little” the Crossroads Mall for Left 4 Dead. So if you have ever watched in awe one of the best zombie flicks of all times, Dawn of the Dead and were left wondering “what if…?” (I sure did!) then you’ll definitely get your hands and play the mall remake for Valve’s new zombie horror game. Until then, though, you can check the “teaser” for the map below and feel the excitement pumping.

Now we should move to something more peaceful, cute and funny: something that has the potential to become the next Second Life or whatever, if marketed properly. 5th Street is a MMO that pulls socialization to a new level, mixing it with girls’ favorite: dancing. And we all know that wherever there are girls dancing, free male characters will appear out of nowhere. Probably the same will happen with this 5th Street MMO which, I must admit, looks very cool. (And I just wonder, like it happened with the recent Second Life divorce recently, how bad can a man screw it in this one)

Finally, a title to make PETA happy and Cooking Mama hopeful for a long cooking break: What’s Cooking? With Jamie Oliver for the Nintendo DS, a game that follows the same easy receipt of cooking games (sic!). But, for one reason or another, it appears to be very funny.