kane-and-lynch-2-dogdays-boxartNo, we won’t be only seeing a Kane & Lynch movie but also a sequel as IO Interactive and Square Enix Europe (aka Eidos until a little while ago) officially announced right now. Fully titled Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, the new shooter will be coming in 2010 and will certainly stir up quite some controversy – but hopefully not such a big wave of hate like last year’s game.

Details regarding Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days do not abound at the moment, but we do know that the title is already being described as a “raw and brutal crime shooter” that will take us on a more intense story set in the Shanghai underworld.

“Gamers are always looking for something new and that is exactly what they are going to get with Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days,” said Niels Jørgensen, general manager of IO Interactive. “A special thanks to gamers worldwide for their feedback. They are certainly in for a shock as we, with immense pride, welcome back our two dear, violent and somewhat unfortunate friends.”

The game promises to bring in a new visual experience, inspired by modern documentaries and the user-generated era. So expect lots of surveilance cams and, of course, controversy – like the scene in the trailer below in which Kane beats up a dog that attacks Lynch. Oh, PETA will be so happy with the announcement of the game. And so will we, the gamers, but for completely different reasons. Now check out the Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Burger Joint trailer below:

And if you didn’t have enough, here’s another twisted new in-game trailer, the Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Bowling For Shanghai video: