Another game has made the jump from iOS to Android – Saving Yello is the name of the game that just got a release in the Android Market and allows players to experience the same greatness as their fellows with an iPhone.

In case you don’t know what Saving Yello is about, let me tell you! It’s a “launch” game in which your goal is to throw a zany looking goldfish in a room filled with stuff and, well… save Yello. Of course, you only have a limited number of throws to start with and a ton of obstacles, so you will need the help of all the extra goodies the game allows you to use: for example, you can use dynamite to throw Yello farther! We also have power-ups to use in the game and combining power-ups the right way and the quest of getting Yello back to his bowl safely will quickly turn into a brain-teasing highscore chase.

The game has 50 total levels and the first ten are available for free, while the last of them only cost $0.99 in the Android Marketplace. It’s good that you can test before you buy, so start throwing that fish right now and decide if the game is worth the investment or not!