If you haven’t installed the Cafe World Game Bar (or Toolbar), now would be a great time, since Zynga is offering 5 free Cafe Cash to those who decide to install it! It only takes a few seconds (and a restart of the browser) and you’ll have 5 Free Cafe Cash on your hand.

In order to install the Cafe World Game Bar, all you have to do is click the Install button when the pop-up shows and follow the on-screen instructions. You will be then awarded with 5 Free Cafe Cash for installing the toolbar!

Even more, if you keep the Cafe World Game Bar on, you will be awarded with 3 Premium Spice every 8 hours and you’ll also know exactly when your dishes are ready and how many gifts you have to accept. Not to mention that it makes accessing the game a lot easier!

Will you install the Cafe World toolbar?




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