InnoGames announced the upcoming holiday events for its browser-based titles, Forge of Empires, Grepolis, The West and Tribal Wars. The company stated that this Christmas will bring many new challenges and bonuses for everyone:

Today, InnoGamesannounced several in-game holiday events, launching the festive season and bringing new challenges and many bonuses to the virtual worlds of Grepolis, Forge of Empires, The West and Tribal Wars. Forge of Empires and Grepolis will already start their events this Sunday, providing bonuses and rewards for the coming weeks.

Frosty, the snowman is returning to Forge of Empires this year to bring new exciting quests everyday. Solving the challenge will allow players to open presents, which contain random gifts such as decorations and avatars.

In Grepolis, players will be able to spin the wheel of fortune brought by Tyche, the goddess of luck. The goddess will also summon mighty boosts for everyone, including increased recruitment speed.

For the West, InnoGames is launching  the holiday shop  on December 19th. Players will then be able to purchase new unique sets.

Tribal Wars will receive unexpected visitors later in December. These travelers will set up shop and they’ll be looking for business, purchasing from them might become really profitable for players, as the company stated: “Players might profit heavily from peaceful trade relations. But they might also try and attack the heavily fortified merchant’s post.”