The browser-based fantasy MMORPG League of Angels has entered in closed beta today. Players are now able to test and enjoy the game, while being able to participate in exclusive events and access to special beta gift codes as GTArcade announced:

League of Angels closed beta is now live on! Anyone interested in browser-based MMORPGs with amazing art, unique party-based combat, and action-packed game play should register to play, right now! To celebrate League of Angels launch, the GTArcade team is distributing special beta gift codes.

The company also announced the current on-going closed beta events, which include prizes such as diamonds, heroes, gold, and items to use in open beta. Leveling up will award players unique items and playing frequently will alow them to participate in daily events such as the Raining Diamonds and Faster, Stronger. For more event information check the League of Angels’ official page.