Naruto Spirit is the new fantasy browser-based MMORPG from Young World Technology and Gamehop. The worldwide open beta phase started yesterday with three dedicated servers: Europe, Oceanic and US. However, the company explained that going global was a direct result of succeeding in Asia:

Its success in Vietnam inspired Young World to reach more Naruto fans by going global. And on December 18, the company kicked off its Close Beta for the English version of Naruto Spirit, which was its first step to becoming a global game publisher.

This action game features characters from the Naruto series, as well as respective abilities and combat tactics. Players can enable the transformation feature to become “any of their favorite characters and freely use their unique skills however they want.” The combat mode features a real time turn-based system, however players must be quick and precise to use skills and combos in time.

Young World is hosting several events with unique rewards to celebrate this release. Events such as King of Arena, 5 Days Action and Warmish Christmas are currently ongoing.