callodAs you probably remember, there were some rumors last week about Infinity Ward dropping development of the third Modern Warfare game in the Call of Duty series, but no other details were offered – nor a possible explanation for this drop of such an incredibly profitable game.

Now we have some extra rumors to add to the rumor mill: Infinity Ward actually dropped the development of Modern Warfare 3 for a massively multiplayer online game (most likely another shooter). Rather strange for a company that showed no love for dedicated servers, right?

Either way, Destructoid reported that “inside sources” told them that Infinity Ward is recruiting some MMO game developers, including people who worked for EverQuest 2. There were even reports of the game’s lead designer being offered a contract by Inifity Ward, but these reports have been denied by Sony Online, the developers of Everquest.

Destructoid’s report states that Blizzard employees are also involved in the project and if we are to look at this situation as a whole it certainly makes sense! We don’t know, however, if any of these are true and if Infinity Ward is indeed working on a MMO, but it definitely makes sense – maybe the long rumored Call of Duty MMO is in the works?