If you got stuck while playing Ice Room Escape, there is no need to worry as I have below a walkthrough for this easy and very fun game. So if you can’t find your way out, check out the step by step guide provided and enjoy the escape the room game.

Full Ice Room Escape walkthrough:

1. Plug the heater in and press the left switch
2. On the right cabinet above couch there is an ice cube. Take it and use it with the heater.
3. Take the key that resulted and use it with the top and bottom drawers beneath the heater.
4. Circle puzzle solution: click on the arms until they no longer move. Get the key
5. Wooden puzzle solution: simply click them until all the wooden pieces fall and get the second key.
6. Use the two keys with the appropriate cabinets beneath the couch. Get iron rod and torch.
7. On the cabinet to the left is an icecube. Use the rod with its corners to chop the away then pick it up and use it with the heater to get a new key.
8. With the new key open the bottom right drawer below the heater. Another puzzle.
9. Puzzle solution: Click on the three triangles on each side until the whole thing lights up. Another key will be revealed, so pick it up.
10. Use the key on the safe and pick up gas can. Use torch with gas can and use it with the key next to the door.
11. Click the door and get out of there!