Minecraft is becoming slowly one of the most popular PC games of recent times and there are millions of people who enjoy playing the indie game. So for every fan of the Minecraft game, it is really important to know how to set up a private server or connect to local servers for smooth gameplay experiences. In this article, as the title suggests, I will help you with everything you need to know on how to set up your Minecraft private server!

First of all, there are some special server files that allow you to create a private server in Minecraft and you might not have them. You can download them from here. When you extract the files, make sure that you put them in a folder named Minecraft Server, in your Minecraft install directory.

After extracting the files, run the file Start server.bat (wait until it unpacks some new files, then close the window)

Now you can start editing the server properties of your Minecraft game by editing the new files in the folder. Edit the files with notepad:

1. server.properties file:

– verify-names=true (this should be left untouched)
– admin-slot=true (this should be left untouched)
– port=25565 (this should be left untouched unless you know what you are doing)
– public=false (change this to TRUE if you want a public server)
– server-name=Your Server Name
– max-players=16 (maximum number of players)
– max-connections=3
– motd=Welcome to my Server (or any other message)
– grow-trees=true (change to False for no trees)

Now, you must be wondering what to do to connect to your Minecraft Server? It’s simple: select the multiplayer option in the game, type your IP address (you can find it here) and add the port 25565 (or another one, if you changed this in the server properties).

Now, in order for other players to connect to your Private Minecraft server, they have to load the following address in their address bar (without the brackets):

http://www.minecraft.net/play.jsp?server=(your IP address)&port=(the server port, in our case 25565)

And now you’re done! Enjoy the game!