If you are a Minecraft admin (either named an op by somebody you know or by yourself, on your own Minecraft Private server), you should definitely know the commands that you can use in the game in order to show off your might. Below is a list of Minecraft admin commands and I am pretty sure you’ll have no trouble in memorizing them and using them.

/op <name>: Makes the player with name <name> an OP. They have to be logged in.

/deop <name>: De-ops a player.

/kick <name>: Kicks a player

/ban <name>: Bans and kicks a player

/unban <name>: Pardons a banned player

/banip <name>: Bans a player by IP. Cannot be undone in game, you must manually change “banned-ip.txt”.

/say <message>: Broadcasts <message> across the entire server.

/setspawn: Sets the current location as the default spawn location for new players

/tp <name>: Teleports to a player.
/tp<target><user-location>: teleports to <user location>

/solid . Switches between placing normal and placing unbreakable stone

/pardon <name>. Removes the ban on the player with the typed name, allowing them to reenter the server.