thesaboteurcoverThe Saboteur, Pandemic’s last title is not one of a company that knew that its doors will be shut down. No, the game is a really high quality one, but as it happens nowadays, there are still a bunch of problems users have encountered. In this article we’ll try to find out what to do to fix The Saboteur freezes and crashes as well as the problems the game encounters when running on ATI Cards.

First, if your copy of The Saboteur freezes and crashes to the desktop, there are a few steps you should take to fix the problem:

1. First, make sure that your system meets the minimum system requirements to run the game. If it does, try lowering the detail of the graphics to the lowest levels.
2. If you’re having an nVidia card, update to driver version 195.62 by visiting nVidia’s official website.

Now some more advanced instructions to fix The Saboteur crashes and freezes, here is one thing you could try (thanks to mmarcali for the fix):

1. Go to My Documents/My Games/ The Saboteur/ Save Game and find the file Config.txt and open it with any text editor (like notepad)
2. Find the line for the refresh rate and make it 60
3. Find vysinc and change it to 0
4. Write this line under the vysinc line: “Windowed 1” without the quotes
5. Save the file and run the game.

Also, as I was saying in the intro, it appears that The Saboteur has some problems with ATI Cards. Fortunately, Electronic Arts is aware of the problem and they’re working on a fix as we speak, but you could still try a fix on your own. Here is what to do, according to the game’s community manager:

Turn off cores: (Windows 7)

1.) Open MSCONFIG (You can open it by entering MSCONFIG in the search bar)
2.) Select the “Boot” tab
3.) Click on “Advanced Options”
4.) Check “Number of Processors”
5.) Select “1” from dropdown menu
6.) Click “Apply”
7.) Restart

Turn off cores: (Windows Vista)

1.) Open MSCONFIG – Start> Run > Type MSCONFIG
2.) Select the “BOOT.INI” tab
3.) Click on “Advanced Options…”
4.) Select the check box for /NUMPROC= set it to 1 & click “OK”
5.) Click “Apply”
6.) Restart

Hopefully these fixes will solve your problems with The Saboteur and you’ll b e able to enjoy the game to the maximum! Feel free to share your opinions in the comments section!