laracroftPoor Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider franchise – for years now the series has been revamped, re-created, rebooted and so on but only to deliver, in the end, a pretty poor and drab gameplay experience, despite the looks of Lara that certainly put you in a playful mood…

Either way, latest rumors on the Internet are suggesting that Tomb Raider might be on the reboot list once more, with Crystal Dynamics preparing to add in some flavored, most likely DD (or larger) cup sized multiplayer experience. Which, to be honest, sounds pretty cool even though the idea of multiplayer in a game featuring Lara Croft sounds a bit strange at the moment.

However, the rumors are backed up by a job listing found by Joystiq: according to the listing, Crystal Dynamics is looking for “a talented, innovative senior designer to lead on future AAA title development” and they add that “this position requires the ability to create a distinct multiplayer experience.”

It is highly improbable that Crystal Dynamics are working on any other AAA title than Tomb Raider, but since the rumors have not been confirmed officially by the developers, we should consider them rumors and nothing more. Either way, I am sure that there’s a growing number of gamers who would love to play with Lara in multiplayer. Muli-Lara. Oh, joy!