Remember Me is one of the most anticipated games of the year and everybody is extremely excited now that the game has been released. Unfortunately, there are some players who experience all sorts of trouble when playing Remember Me, crashes and freezes of the game ruining the experience while other random errors make it difficult to play.

However, we are here to try and help you get it all sorted out with the game, so if you want to know how to fix Remember Me crashes, freezes and any other problems you might be having with this title, you’re at the right place! If we don’t have a solution for you right now, you can always ask in the comment section and hopefully somebody from the community will be able to help.

Before we start checking out more in-depth possible fixes for Remember Me crashes & so on, you should make sure that your computer meets the minimum requirements to run the game and that all your drivers are updated to the latest version. These are always two steps that you should follow if you have problems with your games.

How to Fix Remember Me crashes

If you meet the system requirements and the drivers are up to date, then the game crashes might be caused by other factors. In this case, you should try to do the following:

– Verify the game’s integrity on Steam
– Uninstall the game completely and reinstall it again
– Restart Steam (or even better, restart your computer)

Some players are reporting a strange 164MB Pre-Load bug, here is how to fix it:

First of all, it might be a date and time problem. If it’s still not release date where you live, that’s why you get it. If this doesn’t Work, users on Steam are reporting success after deleting the appcache folder in their Steam install folder (you have to quit Steam, delete the folder, then restart Steam).

Players getting a game crash or being unable to start Remember Me at all should try the following, suggested by Jeslis – many users are reporting success with this fix, even if they don’t have an Nvidia graphics card:

“The errors involved something called “Nvidia Corporation” folder, in my Program Files (x86) folder. So for fun I moved that Nvidia folder +all contents to desktop and.. voila Remember Me loads.”

Another idea to fix the Remember Me freezes and crashes is to run the game in Windowed Mode. Make sure you have Supersampling turned off, as well as vsync. This should reduce the load and help you have a better experience with the game. If this still doesn’t fix the problem, lower the resolution of the game!

If you have no text in the menus in Remember Me, if you are a Nvidia graphics card owner, go to nvidia panel control and set all the options for Remember Me: application controlled. Alternately, you can try to edit a file called ExampleAdriftGfxConfig, located in the my documents\my games\unrealengine3\remembermegame\config\. Change the line fullscreen=true to fullscreen=false. Save the config file and restart the game – this should solve the problem!

For now, these are all the Remember Me crash fixes that we have to share with you and we really hope that you find them useful. If you are still experiencing problems with the game, let us know or even better, post any solutions you might have found in the comment section below!