One Remember Me achievement that we can unlock is the Out of the Friend Zorn achievement which, normally, it’s not an easy one to unlock because it requires us to beat a Zorn in under 120 seconds. So, if you’re having trouble beating a Zorn in Remember Me in under 2 minutes, I am here to share with you a quick guide on how to do it and also score this achievement at the same time!

The first time (but not the last time) you will encounter a Zorn in Remember Me is at the end of Episode 3, where you will have to be quick and lethal. First, make sure that you are using the Spanner as it is the only weapon that hurts the robot. First, it has some pretty scary offensive moves, trying to hit you with its huge arms or throw boxes at you – when it does, make sure you jump back to avoid the heavy metal. At the same time, keep shooting the Zorn’s arms until they fall off. Don’t forget to get getting back and left or right to avoid the monster.

After both his arms are down, he will start shooting shockwaves. All you have to do is to jump to avoid them and shoot its weak spot on the chest. When you hit it, you will have to complete a quick but pretty easy mini-game to completely destroy the Zorn. And you can easily do this in under 120 seconds!

I hope that this guide on how to beat the Zorn in Remember Me helped you get past this enemy and, more important, get the achievement!