ra3Although Red Alert 3 has been released for quite a while now, you might still encounter lock ups and freezes from time to time, making your experience in the company of EA’s real time strategy game unpleasant. There might be a solution (or even more) to your Red Alert 3-related problems and we’re here to help. So let’s see how you can fix Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 Lock Ups and Freezes, according to Electronic Arts themselves!

If the screen goes blank and nothing is happening, there are a few immediate things you can try by following steps below in order:

1) Hold down the Alt key and tap the Tab key. This should minimize the window. If it does, maximize it and check to see if your game is working. If this doesn’t work try the next step.
2) Hold down the Alt key and tap the F4 key. This should close the current window. If the window closes, then reopen to see if this fixed the problem. If this doesn’t work, try the next step.
3) Hold down the Ctrl and Alt keys at the same time, then press Delete once. This will bring up the Windows Task Manager. From there, you can manually shut down the game. If you can shut down the game this way, and your mouse pointer unfreezes, close down all other programs and try running your game again.
4) If your keyboard has a Windows button, press it. This should bring up the Windows start bar. If you can bring up the start bar, try shutting down the computer this way. If this works, restart your computer and reload your game.
5) Final Resort – If steps 1-4 fail to get you out of the lock up, you will have to restart your system. If you cannot turn the system off normally, try pressing and holding down the power button for at least ten seconds. This is known as a ‘hard boot’, but only do it as a last resort action.

If your locked up Red Alert 3 game obliged you to reboot your computer, make sure the following things are OK:

1) Make sure your system meets the minimum requirements to run the game.
2) Make sure your drivers and system files are as up to date as possible
3) Make sure that there are no extra programs running in the background that might interfere with the games execution.
4) Some of these lock ups could be sound-related. Lowering sound acceleration is a good way to test this.
5) If the above steps fail, uninstall the game completely then reinstall it

And hopefully this will be enough for you to solve all your Red Alert 3 lock ups, crashes and freezes.