Orcs Must Die 2 has just been released and we already published our review of the title. However, not everybody is lucky enough to have the chance to play the game without problems, as Orcs Must Die 2 crashes or freezes, ruining the entire experience. But I am here to share with you some methods that might help you get rid of these crashes and freezes, so let’s see if I can help and teach you how to fix the Orcs Must Die 2 crashes and freezes!

First of all, if you encounter any problems, you should make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for running the game. Also, try lowering the graphic settings of the game (this usually helps with freezes or laggy gameplay) and if this doesn’t work, check out the tips below:

1. The game might not start at all because one file is missing from the game (if you check game cache via Steam, you’ll get one file missing at all times). This might be because some files are set to read only and can’t be modified. Here is what you should try to do:

– Exit Steam.
– Navigate to the directory where you have installed Steam. (Typically C:\Program Files\ or C:\Program Files\Valve\.)
– Right-click on the Steam folder.
– Select Properties.
– Check the Read-Only checkbox and press Apply.
– Uncheck the Read-Only checkbox and press Apply.

2. If Orcs Must Die 2 still does not start, you might try to run the game as administrator and you have installed you have installed all the C++ redistributable package.

3. Update All Drivers – including DirectX, PhysX, and Visual C++

4. If you are one that’s having trouble with the Bilebat Bug, there isn’t much you can do. Fortunately, the developers know about the issue and are working for a fix.

5. Crashing might be caused by problems of your nVidia graphics card. To fix go to nvidia control panel -> manage 3d settings -> program settings -> orcsmustdie2.exe -> SLI render mode: Force alternate frame rendering 1.

I really hope that these suggested fixes will help you get rid of the Orcs Must Die 2 crashes and freezes and any other errors or problems you might have when you play the game!