Assassin’s Creed 3 just launched and one of the most anticipated games of the year didn’t come alone: it also brought in a series of crashes, freezes and problems. How to fix them? Well, this is why I am here and hopefully you’ll find your answer pretty soon, by following these tips and tricks on how to fix Assassin’s Creed 3 crashes, freezes and other game errors.

First things first, although I am sure you are aware of that: make sure that your system meets the minimum requirements to run Assassin’s Creed 3. Even if it does, try tuning down the visual settings and make sure that you have downloaded the latest drivers for your card (since they usually have performance improvements for top games like Assassin’s Creed 3).

If these still haven’t fixed the game crashes and freezes, here are some more advanced tips regarding what to do:

1. Some users have reported that, strangely, un-updated sound drivers were causing the game to crash. So make sure that you update your sound card drivers, especially Realtek and Creative Labs (for other manufacturers, search on Google)

2. If you have a multicore processor, try disabling them as this might be the problem for the crashes.

3. Many crashes and especially game freezes of Assassin’s Creed 3 are caused by the game asking for too much performance from the computer. So try to disable VSync and multi-sampling to fix these problems.

4. Make sure that you have installed the Day One patch from Ubisoft. The developers are aware of many bugs and crashes and they fix many with the crash fix. Find out more about it on the official forums (SPOILERS, though!)

And right now, this is all I have in terms of tips and tricks on how to fix Assassin’s Creed 3 crashes and freezes. I will do my best to find more solutions for you, so make sure to check back soon – and also let us know in the comment section below about any possible solutions you might have, as well as your problems with the game and maybe somebody will be able to help.


  1. Ac3 freezes on loading screen for ps3. When I hit quit game it restarts my system instead. only does this to ac3. Other games work fine. Update doesnt help. Any advice?

  2. Im playing ac3 on ps3. After playing the game a while it crashed on loading a mission. Retryed it several times. Then i started over. Now i cant get passed the loading point when you get to boston the first time! I have the update i removed it ans installed it again but nothing works!!! Help me please before i throw my ps out of the freaking window!!

  3. I spent 2 hours figuring this out, believe me I have found the only solution. There is no corrupt file, reinstall issue. Just we have to update the graphic card. P.S My laptop has the same specs as yours.


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