We all love a good cause, don’t we? I mean we all love a good, hilarious cause which, in the end, would be to the benefit of gamers, right? If you agree with me, you might find pretty interesting the petition I’ve found while surfing the Internet this morning: a very serious one from indie developers who want to get their indie games released on Steam.

The petition, started by Mode 7 Games and supported by other five companies wants to “encourage Valve to open up their service to indie developers, and allow people to buy games of all shapes, sizes and levels of quality without imposing arbitrary selection criteria”. We generally agree with most of that except for “all levels of quality”. We don’t want trash to bombard us from everywhere, we just want decent titles (at least). But we all know that most of the indie developers are able to create some absolutely fabulous games, so I’m sure that’s just a figure of speech in the petition.

Anyway, there’s a twist – a really funny one which makes me grab my camera and go near Valve’s offices and wait: Paul Taylor, Mode 7 Games’ PR guy, promises that if the petition gets signed by 10,000 people in the following six months, he “will personally fly out to Valve’s offices and give it to them, while dressed up as a tomato.” And I’d love to see that! (Of course, there’s no doubt I’d be against indie games on Steam if no tomato-suits would be involved).

So… head on to the petition’s page and decide for yourself!