Electronic Arts is probably planning to milk the most out of Spore ever since Will Wright was born, but we never believed they could be that fast! The developers have already announced an expansion pack for the recently released game – just a bit over a month old – which makes us wonder: are we playing an incomplete game right now or EA just got very nasty? I mean, come on! Have the decency to wait at least six months before releasing an expansion!

The Spore expansion pack will is called Creepy & Cute and it will be available for purchase as a direct download on November 18. It will cost $19.95 and it will probably offer a host of new body parts. And this expansion is not really a surprise itself, since we all knew it was coming (and Electronic Arts announced it), but we’re rather shocked to see it released so soon.

However, we’re really sure there are lots of people who would consider purchasing the Spore Creepy & Cute expansion pack – if that’s the case, head over to our Spore review and see if it’s worth your money or not.