I am sure that breaking hearts is not the thing you want to do the most, but this is what needs to be done in order to beat Heart Breaker and escape the room. Of course, as it usually happens, it’s not the easiest job on earth and most likely you will need a walkthrough to complete this challenging game. Fortunately for you and your mouse’s life, I have managed to find a Heart Breaker walkthrough and I am going to share it with you.

So enjoy the Heart Breaker guide below (it’s very generic, to allow you some satisfaction with the puzzles, but if you find it difficult to complete them, we have a full guide for them as well at the end of the article):

Zoom on the top of the left nightstand
Click the gold rings and find the TORCH
Zoom on the bed pillows
Move the left yellow pillow and find the CLOTH
Move the right pillow for the GARDEN SCISSORS
Go left
Zoom on the potted plants
Move the right one to find the CD
Zoom on the computer
Put the CD in the drive in the tower and see the number clue
Go left
Zoom on the couch
Move the left pillow to see a clue
Move the right one to find the BOLT CUTTER
Zoom on the metal basket on the chaise left of the couch
Get the CROWBAR from the left of it
Go left
Zoom on the plant in the right corner
Use the garden scissors to get the ORANGE HEART
Zoom on the red hearts on the dresser top
Use the bolt cutter to free the BLUE HEART
Zoom on the mirrored doors at the top of the dresser
Use the cloth to clean the grid mirrors at the top middle
Zoom on the dresser drawers and doors
Click the middle drawers and solve the puzzle for the WHITE HEART (HINT:FIRE SPADE)
Enter the number from the computer into the drawer above the right middle door for the GREEN HEART (1337)
Click the left bottom door and enter the symbol from the couch for the PURPLE HEART
Solution below
Click the drawer over the left middle door and click the circles in the correct pattern for the RED HEART
Solution below
Click the top left drawer and enter the colors
Solution below
Get the FUEL
In your inventory, add the fuel to the torch to get a WORKING TORCH
Go left
Zoom on the candle on the right nightstand and use the torch to light it for the YELLOW HEART
Zoom on the plant on the end of the computer table
Use the crowbar on the pot to find the BLACK HEART
Go right
Click on the bottom right door and place the hearts (go clockwise starting with 12 o’clock position using the hearts from left to right in your inventory)
Get the KEY
Turn around to the door and use the key for CONGRATULATIONS!

Now, as promised, here are the solutions for the more advanced puzzles above:

Solution to the white box grid
The image is the cross from the couch

Solution to the dots grid
The dots are shown on TV. The order is:

Solution to the Color grid
The colors are shown in the top mirrored doors of the dresser after using the cloth.

Now you need to combine the colors to make the 3×3 grid of purple, orange, green, and brown. So the upper left color in the left grid is yellow, and the upper left color is red in the right grid. So red and yellow make orange. So the upper left color is orange. The top row is: Y+R=O, R+G=Bn B+Y=G


A really difficult and challenging game, so out thanks goes to kitkatfox on eg24 for creating this amazing walkthrough!