Grandma’s entered a cooking competition at her bridge club and she needs your help to become number one. In other words, Zynga has released a brand new Catering Order in Cafe World, the Grandma’s Cook Off catering order. I have all the details about it below, so keep on reading if you want to make grandma happy.

First of all, before starting this new catering order, have in mind that it’s very difficult and you will certainly need the help of your friends to complete it (maximum number is 19, and I would suggest to try to get them all to help!). Here are the requirements for completing the Grandma’s Cook Off catering order in Cafe World:

– Serve Collard Greens and Bacon 500 times
– Serve Grandma’s Famous Meatloaf 30 times
– Serve Corn Flake Chicken 120 times
– Serve Choco-Scotch Clusters 60 times
– Collect 8 Sampler Fork
– Collect 8 Sampler Dishes

For the three star reward, you have 5 days at your disposal and if you manage to complete this catering order in time, you will receive a pretty nice reward: Fruit and Jelly Mold recipe unlocked, 12 Catering Points, 3,200 Cafe Points and 70,000 coins.

What do you think about the Grandma’s Cook Off Catering Order? Maybe a little bit too difficult?