Gnome Town is a really surprising game – I must say that from the beginning because I feel it deserves it. I never thought that many improvements or changes can be made to the FrontierVille/Ravenwood Fair type of game and here I am, completely amazed by the fact that an apparently small change can turn a game into such an amazing one. I am talking about Gnome Town here, obviously and I’ll tell you everything about that in a bit.

First, we should know what Gnome Town is about, right? Well, created by Playdom and available on Facebook, the new title puts you in the shoes of a Gnome (or Gnomette) that has to rebuild the lands, rescue critters that have been trapped by the Evil Gnome and help the Gnome King return to his rightful lands.

In order to do that, you must clean debris, explore the areas, build structures and harvest crops in order to keep everybody happy. The nice part I was talking about appears here: the game, even though a quest-based one, does not limit the number of actions you have with the use of energy. Yes, there is absolutely NO energy in this game!

Which means that you can play non stop, right? Well, not really and here comes the really smart part: each critter that you save will join your “crew” and will be able to perform actions, meaning that there will be lots of characters doing stuff around. But each action takes some time to complete – from a few seconds required to clean debris, to a few hours required to free some animals or complete buildings. However, you could always keep at least one character active and clean debris or explore, which means that you can play whenever you want, however you want, without being limited by the lack of energy or anything similar. And I must admit that I consider this brilliant!

Except for this change that really turns Gnome Town into an amazing play, there’s not that much to say about Playdom’s title: it is well done but if you’ve played Ravenwood Fair in the first place and a bit of FrontierVille, you know everything about it. The graphics are really nice and colorful, the quests are smartly integrated in the game to keep you challenged and there are tons of items to choose from and lots of things to do in order to keep you entertained at all times.

Also, Playdom updates the game regularly with new content and missions, so you never risk to get bored while playing. So do yourself a favor and head over to Facebook to give Gnome Town a try.