The Wanted Level mechanics in Grand Theft Auto 5 have changed slightly compared to the previous game and if you’re having trouble ditching the cops, we have here a guide on how to lower the wanted level in GTA 5 that will certainly come in handy.

It’s worth noting that now, unlike GTA 4, you don’t have that circle to get out of in order to lose wanted level. Instead, you will have to get out of the cops’ line of sight (represented by a triangle on the map) in order to lose or lower the wanted level. The more stars you have, the more difficult it will be for you to lose the cops as their numbers, quantity and quality increases. Still, with our tips to lower the wanted level in Grand Theft Auto 5 posted below, things will be a lot easier:

– You can lose your wanted level the “classic way”: simply go into a Mod Shop while being out of the line of sight of the cop cars and change the color of your car.
– A strategy that some people report to be working is to go offroad immediately and simply park your car while being out of the sight of cop cars. They won’t stop to ask you questions.
– Quickly switch vehicles when out of sight and you will lose your wanted level.
– When things get a bit more dirty, helicopters will be called in and it will be a bit more difficult to shake them off. The best idea is to go for bridges or underground tunnels in order to lose the choppers and the overall wanted level.
– If you’re the violent type (which you probably are), simply get an RPG, shoot down the chopper and carry on for your escape.
– If you happen to be driving a trailer truck, then you can detach the trailer while driving (by pressing the right D Pad). This might help you blog a narrow street and help you lose the cops easily.

These are, for now, our tips and tricks on how to lower wanted levels in Grand Theft Auto 5. If you have other strategies that you use, let us know by commenting below.