raven-squad-screenGet ready to join the Raven Squad! The RTS/FPS hybrid from Southpeak Games has gone gold and will be released shortly (on August 20, to be precise), bringing back to life the feeling of the 80s. Yes, you know you want to play something like that, right?

Combining two distinct genres of gameplay, Raven Squad allows players to choose how they want to approach each mission, with the options to play through entirely in RTS, FPS or a mixture of the two modes. Using two squads of three, players will help Raven Squad work their way through the Amazonian jungles in an effort to put down a rebel group attempting to overthrow the Brazilian government. Vicious shootouts, hostage situations, peasant persecution and vehicle chases offer players a myriad of exciting interludes throughout the 12 level campaign. Plus, the game can be fully played in co-op modes both online and over LAN.

Personally, I knew nothing about Raven Squad, but I am glad I found out about its release: the game seems to be indeed promising, even though mixing RTS with FPS never resulted in a top quality game. But there must be a first in every genre – probably nobody thought that an RPG could be played by millions of people at the same time before World of Warcraft was launched, right?