Godfather II Tactics for a Better Don (Part II)

Godfather II Tactics for a Better Don (Part II)

godfather-2-fightYesterday we have talked a little bit about Godfather II and the few things you should do in order to make sure that your life as a virtual Don will be long and prosperous. Today we continue the tutorial inspired by the official posts and give you the last batch of details needed to have a Godfather II experience as pleasant as possible. Don’t forget to hit the link for the first part, though!

So, the next advice in the list is to always trust your men: if you have enough guards, you can rest assured that assigning one of your Made Men to protect your business when it’s under attack is a good choice. The same goes for attacking: you won’t lose anything if you let the Made Men take care of the attacks, and you’ll only have to sit back in your armchair, silently smoking a cigar.

When you’re ready to blow up a bomb in a family’s compound, make sure you know the fastest route out of there: you only have a few seconds to escape, and timing is important if you don’t want to do the same mission over and over again! Also, buying officials is easier and very interesting: once you complete a favor for them, you no longer have to do sidequests to earn more favors! Simply buy them by driving back to the official with enough cash.

The dirty business of being a true godfather sometimes involves killing your own people to replace them with better ones. Whenever you feel that the time has come for one of your Made Men to be replaced (and you have the replacement), just mark the poor fellow to death by going to Don’s View, selecting your Family Tree, highlighting the Made Man, and selecting Upgrade. From the Upgrade menu, choose Mark for Death. Voila!