dnfIt might be considered the biggest joke in the gaming world by some, but Duke Nukem Forever is still a hotly anticipated game, even though the vast majority has lost hope that they’ll still be living when the game gets released. However, not the fact that it’s popular matters now, but the fact that it’s still alive and, as it should be, it’s closer to being ready: closer than ever!

3D Realms’ George Broussard said on Twitter that a new development milestone has been reached on DNF: “71 more tasks to do and we started with probably 800-900,” he tweeted. “Heading home. Got some music for the game and commented. Have a couple more things to close out tomorrow for milestone,” he added.

So, no, we don’t really know what the milestone is, but if we are to do some math, it would result that Duke Nukem Forever should be out (or at least ready) sometime during the next year. I say that because the game was announced an incredible 12 years ago. 900 tasks in total, 829 tasks done in this period, this means about 69 tasks per year. And since 71 tasks are left… voila! Next year we’ll be playing with Duke. Unless something totally unexpected happens again and the game gets delayed for a couple more decades…


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