gamesJust as our recently finished poll said, the gamers are still not hit hard by recession and a vast majority will continue spending the same amounts on games as before. According to a recent survey conducted by the NPD Group, 65% of the consumers will spend at least the same amounts on video games as they did in 2008. Encouraging numbers!

NPD questioned a bit over 10,000 people living in the United States to get these results. 36 percent of them also said that they have already purchased at least a video game in the past three months (which, even though not very impressive, comes from what we could call “casual gamers”).

“Even in the face of a down economy, entertainment remains a popular spending category,” said Russ Crupnick, entertainment industry analyst for NPD. “Most consumers say they’ll continue to purchase at least the same amount of many entertainment categories in the coming year.”

So it must be a really good thing to hear for Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo and all the game developers. At least this year, they should be safer than other industries. And hopefully a miracle will make everything go back to normal next year.