infernalPlaylogic have announced that their third person shooter Infernal, released in 2007 on PCs, will be released on Xbox 360 consoles this spring under the full title of Infernal: Hells Vengeance. Which further means that the developers kept the shooter a secret for quite a long time.

Infernal: Hells Vengeance puts the players in the shoes of Ryan Lennox, a former secret agent which was betrayed by those he trusted and wants revenge now. Your task will be that of helping the special agent succeed. And it will be a real pleasure, too, since he has so many special abilities and weapons to choose from!

For example, he has some devilish powers he’ll have to master in order to uncover the truth and restore the delicate balance of good and evil (it’s a classic, right? – one that seems to have place in any type of story). The plot sees Lennox journey from ancient monastery catacombs and secret mountain hideouts to sprawling harbor docks and industrial oil refineries, before finally facing his ultimate showdown…

Although Playlogic have obviously updated the graphics for the Xbox 360 version of Infernal, they are still not some top notch ones and you will feel that it’s actually a game set in 2007 that you’re playing. However, as long as the gameplay is flawless, I doubt many will care about the visuals.