farmville-mighty-plantationGreat news, fellow FarmVille players! Zynga has made the Mighty Plantation available for all players, also for a special price of just 500,000 coins (compared to the 1 million fans had to spend if they wanted a head start with the plantation). Read on to find out all the great details about the Farmville 24×24 Mighty Plantation!

How can you unlock the FarmVille Mighty Plantation? Well… you need to purchase the previous farm expansions first and you also need to have 30 neighbors in order to be allowed to purchase it. As I said, the Mighty Plantation costs 500,000 coins to purchase (or 60 FV cash if you don’t meet the requirements).

Also, it’s worth noting that this is apparently the LAST FarmVille expansion, since there are no others on the “to do” list. Our farms will indeed get a bit bigger after this new expansion but… will it be enough for the fans, having in mind that the developers keep adding content regularly?

What do you think? Will the Mighty Plantation be the last FarmVille expansion? And… did you get it?