One click-cooking is the future in Cafe World and starting today we have a new option to cook in style: the exclusive Cafe World Super Stove that can only be unlocked by those who are already playing Mafia Wars, Zynga’s hot mafia RPG.

So… how to get the black, limited edition Super Stove in Cafe World? It’s pretty simple: all you have to do is click the black stove icon to the left of the screen and you’ll be taken to Mafia Wars, where you will see the instructions, as posted in the image in the upper left corner (click to enlarge).

Basically, all you have to do is to level up five times in Mafia Wars in order to unlock the Super Stove in Cafe World. You also need to be at least level 15, so if you’re not, you’d better start playing as intense as possible since the offer might disappear pretty soon. However, once you have got your fifth level up, you’ll receive a notice from the game that you have unlocked the Super Stove in Cafe World and you’ll find it in your inventory. Pretty simple, right?

Have you unlocked your special Mafia Wars Super Stove in Cafe World yet?