Mafia Wars fighters have a new reason to rejoice. Zynga has finally launched the Fight Club in the game. In line with this feature, players now have Fight Mastery.

You’ll earn fight tokens whenever you win fights in Mafia Wars. The tokens can be used to purchase exclusive Fight Rewards. Some of the items you can purchase with your Victory Coins are:

– Haig and Hower B200 (40 Attack 40 Defense)
– CM Hatchback (41 Attack 41 Defense)
– Flex Guard (42 Attack 42 Defense)
– Wild Board (43 Attack 43 Defense)
– Mace (30 Attack 49 Defense)
– Defender Armored Car (31 Attack 50 Defense)
– Bomb Helmet (32 Attack 52 Defense)
– Red Back Spider (33 Attack 53 Defense)
– SK7 Shorty (54 Attack 34 Defense)
– Nile Crocodile (57 Attack 37 Defense)

And because the Fight Club is now live, there are new Achievements that go with it. These are:

Master Slayer – get to level 12 in Fight Mastery
Master Killer – get to level 15 in Fight Mastery
Master Executioner – get to level 18 in Fight Mastery
Master Assassin – get to level 21 in Fight Mastery

The only way to achieve these goals is to fight. Players with high stamina will be happy with this new feature.