There are now mystery crates added to the Marketplace in Mafia Wars. You’ll see the ads announcing the arrival of the Jungle Crates in the home page of the Mafia Wars game. You can buy these crates using reward points and are not giftable.

If you got extra Reward Points you’ve won from the slot machines, you can go to the Marketplace to buy one or three. The chance to get rare items is ten percent; uncommon items is 30 percent; and common items is sixty percent.

The items you can get from Jungle Crates are:


Tent Peg and Hammer (40 Attack 24 Defense)
Survival Canteen (21 Attack 41 Defense)
Pack Mule (41 Attack 22 Defense)


Jungle Wasp Bow (46 Attack 23 Defense)
Survival Pack (48 Attack 25 Defense)
Waterproof Poncho (22 Attack 47 Defense)


Jungle Machete (69 Attack 32 Defense)
Silverback (36 Attack 68 Defense)

The stats are tempting but there are better items you can loot in Las Vegas. Collectors might want to buy Jungle Crates to get these limited items for their collection.

What did you get from your Jungle Crates?