Now you can ask for a Picnic Basket from five Frontierville neighbors whenever you run out of energy. Once your energy is zero, a message will pop up to ask if you want to ask for energy.

If you click on the Ask for Energy Button, you’ll be asked to select from your friends’ list. Keep in mind that the list is not filtered and contains friends not playing Frontierville. I hope that they include a filter in the future. You can choose up to 30 friends at a time.

Your neighbor gets the message: “I’m getting’ tired out here… I could really use a picnic basket with a yummy Light Snack inside. I’ll get three extra energy, and you’ll get a Light Snack too! Please don’t let my family stave. “

Once your Frontierville neighbor accepted your request, you’ll receive a Picnic Basket that contains a Light Snack inside. Not only that, your friend will get one too. That’s three extra energies for the both of you.

Do you use this Frontierville feature to get free energy?